Spastic Thoughts

First Blog Post!

First thing first. I am not a writer. Let me repeat that one more time. I….Am….Not…A….Writer. This little corner of the internet is going to be mine and I am going to share the random thoughts that I have. Pretty much everything I am going to share here is going to be music related. I invite all of you to read and participate in the conversation. Please share you likes, dislikes with anything that I say.

Music This Week

Much of what I am discussing today I share in Season 2 Episode 1 “We’re Back.” I feel like I have been in a funk lately with the music that I am listening to. I have an adventurous palette when it comes to music. There isn’t much I will not listen to. I feel like I have been listening to the same things over and over and it’s just not working for me. I would like to share with you the two things I have changed to help me get over this funk of music.

  1. Do not click on the same Album Title

I am an avid user of Apple Music. I like that I can download and listen to my favorite albums at will. I also like that I have a “For You” tab that updates daily with different music to listen to. However, I have found that clicking on a lot of the same music type or band had put me into a circle of doom. I think this is what is contributing to me feeling like my listening library is stale. So I decided to challenge myself and make a rule. I cannot not click the album I have already listened to until I listen to something new I have never heard of before, ie: I listen to a lot of Primus and Les Claypool. If I want to listen to any selection from that catalog I have to search or find something that I have not listened to. I have only been doing this for a couple weeks but I feel like it’s paying off. I get to listen to what is comfortable and I get to find out about a band I’ve never heard of before. So, win – win.

2. YouTube as a recommendation tool

This technique I use with the previous one listed. YouTube has an interesting algorithm for recommending videos. If I really want to go down the rabbit hole so to speak I put in a band name of a group I found in Apple Music and then look at all the recommendations that YouTube is giving me. There is a couple things to note trying this out. Apple Music when they recommend something it’s a pretty good guess of music you may like. YouTube I have found either, really good or really bad. I am really into music culture meaning I like looking at live videos, album covers, album inserts and random interviews with the band. This satisfies that consumption.

So as I close my first written post I am curious. What causes you to get into a funk or feel stale. What do you do when you are feeling that way. How do you find new bands? Please share with us either leaving a comment here, Instagram, or FaceBook. We want to hear from you. Till next time. Remember Metal Beats Rock…..Always!

– Spastic