Episode 5 Knotfest

Join us for our break of our adventures at Knotfest 2019. Grab your drinks, grab your smokes this episode is longer than our standard episode. Don't forget We Are Not Your Kind dropped already today. Login to your favorite streaming service and listen to that album after listening to us. 🙂 https://rockpapermetal.com/podcast

Episode 4 Story Time

Sorry for the delay in getting episode 4 up. We ran into some technical difficulties. Enough about that. In this episode we talk about mosh pit etiquette, ticket prices and all things about attending concerts. We hope you find it interesting and learning something new. Episode 4 Story Time P.S. We also added a new... Continue Reading →

Episode 1 Genesis

This is the first episode ever of Rock, Paper, Metal! In this episode we talk about our gateway metal bands, music we listened to before metal, and why we got into metal music. Please take a listen to our unfiltered, unedited thoughts, words and conversation about our Metal Genesis.https://rockpapermetal.com/podcast/

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